What People are Saying

Our family really appreciated our therapeutic relationship with you, both individually and together. While we have seen other psychologists in the past, our transition to working with you was seamless (in my case, I have been in therapy over 20 years and this transition to a “new therapist” was the smoothest!). I felt that you picked up immediately where we left off, and brought professional, timely and well thought out insights to sessions. We all felt comfortable sharing with you and felt that you truly understood our issues and concerns. You were always professional with regard to time management, returning phone calls/emails and billing.
— Lori, St. Petersburg, Florida
Thank you, Audra! Today was great! We used our new frustration technique and it WORKED! My son was able to calm down by using the relaxation strategies you taught and explain what was upsetting him instead of shooting off like a firecracker. AMAZING PROGRESS!!
— Jessica, Tampa, Florida
Audra has provided us invaluable tools to use while raising our children from birth to now a 3 and a 5 year old. We began by taking Audra’s parenting class and subsequently she has provided many one-on-one sessions to help us work through any behavioral issues we were having. She has always made it easy and convenient to schedule these sessions, which we would typically conduct by telephone, and always provided tools that proved to be successful.
— Caroline, Tampa, Florida

We had Audra evaluate our two boys. She was thorough and prompt and helped us arrive at some long awaited answers. Her recommendations were all practical and realistic and truly helped our family- we could tell she is a mom and gets it!
— Michelle, St. Petersburg, Florida

As parents to a then 18 month old we were excited to join Audra’s parenting class, and it did not disappoint! Amidst interactive education from Audra about toddler behavior and useful prevention strategies, we also learned from the other couples in the group. The topics and discussions were enlightening, useful, and comforting, and the format was fun. I recommend this class to parents who want to make parenting easier - so everyone!
— Amy and Adam, Tampa, Florida

It was awful to watch my daughter suffering from anxiety. Through therapy with Audra we gained a better understanding of her anxiety and learned skills on how to keep it in check. Now we often forget she was once an anxious kid.
— Diane, St. Petersburg, Florida

It’s amazing how Audra is able to teach you to understand the “why” behind your child’s frustrating behaviors. She gives you so many helpful and logical ways to prevent and react to challenging situations.
— Rachel, Tampa, Florida