Raising Mindful Kids

Mindfulness and meditation are becoming widely used strategies to reduce stress, improve cognitive functioning, creative thinking and productivity, and even improve physical health. Even many of the world’s top performers use mindfulness as part of their daily practice. Now, recent research suggests that everyone - including kids of all ages - can reap the benefits of meditation and mindfulness practices and there are many wonderful ways to raise mindful kids. One easy way to incorporate a “moment of Zen” into your daily routine is through the use of technology (there’s an app for that!). Parents who use mediation apps on their smart devices with their children have reported that their kids have become more focused, calm, and compassionate.

If you are wondering where to locate meditation resources, look no further! Here are 7 different apps to help introduce meditation to your kids (use link below). Many of the apps on this list can be downloaded to multiple devices either for free or for a one time fee! Why wait when you can try one of these apps with your child and witness the potential benefits for yourself?