Wellness Wednesday: Why sleep matters

I'm on a sleep kick lately, and probably always will be. In my family, our sleep routines were wacky over the holiday weekend and our kids (and we as parents) paid for it.

I can't emphasize enough the importance of sleep for both kids and adults. Sleep influences all domains of functioning and development including social-emotional wellness and behavior, cognition, memory, gross/fine motor skills, communication, and not to mention physical health. Getting good sleep just makes everything more enjoyable. And most kids just don't get enough of it. 

See the #NationalSleepFoundation's recommendations for sleep duration by age.

Linked is one parent's strategy for ensuring her kids get adequate sleep- it may not be popular (or even feasible for some families) but it may provide some insight on how to get your kids a little closer to meeting the daily sleep recommendations.  This is even more important to remember when headed into summer when schools are out and families go on vacations. Remember even adjusting bedtime by just 30 minutes a day can add 3.5 additional hours a week. Make the most of your time together- every wink matters!